Using Call-to-Action’s to Stand Out

A call-to-action (CTA) is any image or line of text on your website that compels your visitors to take a specific action.

It’s not enough to simply put a “click here” button in the middle of your page.
First you need to know what you want your visitors to do. Do you want them to sign up for a free trial, download an ebook, sign up for a newsletter etc?
Once you have established this you need to use a strong verb to command action.

Example of CTA’s

  • Download Now
  • Buy Now
  • Subscribe Today

By adding ‘now’ or ‘today’ to your verb you are adding a sense of urgency which compels your readers to not delay or put off action until tomorrow (when they are likely to forget all about it).

Never have more than one CTA on a page as it confuses people, and don’t be afraid to repeat your CTA throughout your page. As a general rule, a page of 1000 words should feature 3 CTAs spaced out between the text.

For your CTA to be effective it has to be visually appealing and eye-catching.
Use high contrast colours to the background colour and surrounding features to make it stand out, and make sure you place it in a good position. The ideal position is in the top of the page in the central column. If you are repeating your CTA throughout your page, also make sure your CTA appears at the very bottom of your page so it is the last thing your readers see.

The CTA should be evenly sized, obviously it needs to be big enough to stand out, but it shouldn’t be so big that it hogs your entire page and looks like a giant eyesore. Be sensible regarding size.

There is a lot of psychology behind what colours have the best conversion rates.
One case study found that changing CTA buttons from blue to green increased conversions by 35%. However if you have a green background for your site then having a green CTA button will obviously not be effective. Make sure your colours stand out from the background elements and colours but don’t clash. As a general rule always avoid using white or grey.

Finally make sure you deliver what you promise. If you promise that a reader can download an ebook or subscribe there should be no hiccups in the process of achieving that goal. Make sure you have tested the downloading or subscribing process thoroughly before offering that to your customer base.


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