Small Business Animated Videos

Creating animated videos was always complex and costly, as you had to get graphic designers, specific software and specialists in to create this expensive and time-consuming content.

However, websites are emerging with solutions that take away the cost of a graphic designer and brings you a simple one-stop solution to building your entire animated video.

Video content is becoming a higher watched medium online and with these low-cost solutions, you can produce great content for little cost.

Increase Interest

Whilst having text is great for the users that love to read. A quick minute video does wonders to grab attention, and potentially pull in users to explore your products further.

Fresh Content

Not only do you have a new platform to create brand new content, but you can reuse previous content to produce a quick video filled with useful tips and stats.

With an updated, funky and new piece of content, it has the potential to be shared multiple times but with the same content.

Context Around Products

Whilst you offer a great product, it might be underdone for marketing.

Having an animated video explain the benefits and features of your product can really help a potential client become a hot lead.

Diverse Tools

It’s not just up to the video production companies anymore.

There are a number of free and low-cost animated video production tools. Some of the key tools are:

  • Wideo
  • GoAnimate
  • Moovly
  • PowToon


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