Letz Live: Gap Year Programs

Today, the site explorer is in the world of gap years & gap year programs, with a company called Letz Live.

Letz Live offer ones of the most unique gap year travelling programs, and are here to help live your dreams.

What is a gap year program?

“Instead of directly pursuing employment or graduate school after completing high (secondary) school, some students choose to engage in a gap year program.
A gap year is an opportunity to gain professional or personal experience, accomplish goals, and/or explore one’s interests in the year or two following graduation.”

About Letz Live

Starting in 2005, the founder, Nick Hare, returned home from a year long stint working at an international boarding school in England. Looking to get next-gen youngsters to jump overseas and experience life beyond Australia, he planted the Letz Live seed while juggling a University degree.

These days, the Letz Live team have put their paws in many foreign honey pots, from ski resort jobs in the USA to permaculture projects on the islands of Panama. Offering a wide variety of gap year programs, for all of Australia’s youngsters.

Visit their website today: http://www.letzlive.org/

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