Today, the site explorer is in the world of technology & phones, with a company called iMasters.

iMasters is one of Sydney’s number 1 phone & technology repair service providers.
With the company operating in central Sydney for many years, iMasters has become one of the most well known phone & tablet repairers.

Why does a phone screen break?

“When you drop your phone the impact causes a small amount of elastic energy to be converted into acoustic energy – the noise you hear. But the majority of the elastic energy stored in the glass will be converted into two (or more) new surface energies, which results in a crack (or several cracks). ”

About iMasters

Being a part of the Sydney¬†community for many years now, iMasters offers customers the ability to get their screens repaired in an affordable & timely manner that competitors just can’t offer.

Their main business focus is on iphone screen repairs, they also services ipads, macs, and specific iphones, like iphone 6 repairs.

Visit their website today:

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