Google Business Views

Google Business views is a high quality, interactive tour of your business that gives potential customers panoramic views of your business.

It takes the already existing concept of Google Street View and expands it off the streets and inside retail stores, museums, cafes, sports facilities; almost any business can use it!

Customers can take a virtual tour of the premises and even zoom in to see all the incredible little details. Google Business Views is a part of Google My Business, where all Google’s business tools are found in one platform.

This means you can find detailed information on your businesses online performance through helpful access to things like reviews and profiles, and all in one place. Google Business Views is highly recommended and easy to use, and gives your business the edge over the competition.

How can it help you?

Google Business Views will help you to reach out to new, more diverse and bigger audiences. Customers can click on the virtual tour on Google search pages, and then stroll through your business at their own pace. This allows them to experience and discover what your business is all about from the comfort of their own homes.

It will give you a great way to provide potential customers the insight they need into your business, giving them an idea of your business’s purpose and atmosphere.

Allowing new customers to visualise your business before ever seeing it in real life gives you the chance to reach out to new consumers and promote yourself. Sight is an inherent part of communication, and people will decide if they want to use your business based on what they see first.

By standing out from the crowd in search results you will have an advantage over others when it comes to attracting new business, it is a great way to open up your business to the 80 per cent of people who turn to Google first when looking to use a local business.

Furthermore, a sense of recognition will already have been established between the consumer and your business before they walk in the door, creating a sense of connection they will not have with other businesses.

How do you use it?

It takes three easy steps to set up Google Business Views for your business. First, contact a Google Trusted photographer (

The reason this needs to be a Google certified photographer or trusted agency, is because these photographers have the necessary access to the Google Technology and have shown that they know the importance of Google Business Views to businesses.

There are many easily contactable photographers that have these outstanding qualification throughout Australia. If you cannot find a photographer in your area you can simply fill out a notification form with Google and they will help you out.

Once you have found your photographer, organise a time with them and they will come and take amazing pictures of your business.

The photographer will then do the rest, and you will have a visually appealing, 360 degree tour for your customers that you can upload to your website and have appear when people search for your business, and in related searches such as Google Maps and Google+.


2 comments on “Google Business Views

  1. Mark Goho on

    It’d be awesome if instead of trying to get traffic to your website with some content marketing, you actually tried to provide some unique insight into this service. Here’s the first place you can start: it’s called Google Business View. View is singular, like Street View. Get it?

    • Luke Chaffey on

      Hey Matt,

      Thanks for the comment on the post.
      I could understand that someone in your field would be frustrated with my writing.

      Whilst I specialise in SEO, I try to inform others of services around the digital sphere, my main goal with this post isn’t about content marketing, but rather offering information to a much wider base of audience via Yahoo’s service.

      Thanks again for your comment on the post.


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