Advertising To Missed Sales

Google’s remarketing tools allow you to engage with people who have previously visited your site by showing them relevant ads as they browse the web.

To run a remarketing campaign you need to have gathered cookies from previous visitors to your site. These collections of cookies are known as remarketing lists. Your remarketing lists can be quite general i.e. people who visited a particular page on your site, or they can be more targeted. Here’s how to get started:

Creating a list

You can create remarketing lists within Google AdWords, you can create as many lists as you like, but you’ll only start collecting cookies once you’ve placed the remarketing tags/code on each page of your website.

Tips and templates for advanced lists

If you want to create a list of people who visited one specific page of your website you can do this by selecting the condition “URL contains”.

For example if you were a technology retailer and you had a page on your site dedicated to “smart phones” you would create a remarketing list with the URL “”.

Alternatively you can create a list based on sites people were on before they landed on your webpage. This is known as referrer URL. To set this up you would define the rule “Referrer URL contains”.

For example if you were a hotel chain in Sydney and wanted to target people who had previously visited websites about Sydney you might add the condition “URL contains”.

Refine your lists further with unique audience types

Using Google AdWords and Google Analytics you can also specify audience types based on factors such as: Internet Browser, Operating System, Geographic Location, as well as users who performed specific actions while on your website e.g. adding items to cart.

Regarding the latter, if you set up a list based on people who added items to cart but didn’t complete checkout, you will be able to create an ad specific to them e.g. you might a 10 per cent discount if they complete purchases, or offer free shipping.

Remarketing already is and will further increase to be a powerful internet marketing tool, particularly for increasing return on investment.


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