7 Marketing tactics you should be using in 2015

Online marketing is a dynamic tool that requires adapting constantly to the changing demands and needs of consumers. Here are seven of the best trends your company needs in the rest of 2015 to gain digital traction.


Content marketing is the number one trend of 2015, but over the last few months the focus of content marketing has been changing.

The future of content marketing lies in the power of story-telling. Whether you write educational blogs, or produce webinars, audiences worldwide want to see your human side and be taken on a journey. Share inspirational stories or case studies embedded among your content to capture people’s emotions and imaginations.


Continuing in the theme of story-telling is our growing addiction to videos. Video is perhaps the most powerful medium for telling a story as it involves multiple senses.

It is also one of the easiest ways for audiences to digest content, especially for people who don’t enjoy reading. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world now, and people are viewing videos not just from desktops but also on mobile devices.

Social Media Customer Service

This is a new emerging trend. Customers are now just as likely to turn to social media to get customer service as they are to pop into a branch or ring a toll-free number.

There is a growing expectation among consumers that if you have a Facebook page for instance then you should be on it and available to answer queries on the same day. While this may not seem directly related to marketing it is inherently connected.

Social media is a very public forum, so if a customer is posting a message wanting help or resolution to a problem, your company will be instantly judged on its responsiveness, honesty and helpfulness by thousands of users.

By engaging with users personally, thoughtfully, and quickly you can instantly gain more credibility and trust.

Mobile Marketing

The number of users accessing the internet from mobile devices continues to skyrocket and there is perhaps no better way to advertise than to market your business straight to users of hand-held devices as they are out and about making purchasing decisions.

You can use apps such as ShoutOut to send out newsletters directly from and to smartphones. Alternatively you can use apps like Snapchat to send out notifications of discount vouchers and holiday specials.


Email marketing is still relevant, despite new trends coming and going. However people are much more likely to open email newsletters if they are addressed specifically to the individual.

It’s a proven fact that we all like the sound of our own name, and we all feel more valued and thought of when our names are included in otherwise generic marketing materials that are being sent to hundreds of people. Personalised emails improve click-through rates by 14 per cent and conversion rates by 10 per cent according to a report by Aberdeen.

Getting SEO right

Forty-six per cent of buyers turn to search engine queries as their first port of call when seeking information to make a buying decision, and it is the number one method.

Therefore it’s absolutely imperative that you can be found on the search engine results page. Too many business owners think that SEO is a one-time investment, however Google’s algorithms change constantly. Not only that but there are so many factors which influence SEO, and ranking highly is a long-term investment process not a one-time effort.


Whatever marketing methods you are using, you need to get feedback on what is producing results and what isn’t.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are free tools that allow you to analyse and iterate your marketing process and see what is producing sales and conversions. This is a rich source of data as it allows you to double your efforts in a successful channel, and ditch less successful forms of marketing that aren’t producing results, saving you time and money.

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