5 Strategies To Get Your First 1,000 Website Visitors

Whilst having a website is crucial in today’s growing online market, it’s the determined effort of driving visitors to the site that’s often the tipping point for success.

To get the traffic you need, businesses must to be ready to adapt for change and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. To help get there, we’ve put together five of the most effective strategies that can be implemented immediately.

If you follow this list you’ll increase the numbers to your site rapidly.

1. Tell the Search Engines you’re here

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the serious players in Australia, holding 98% of the search traffic between them. So, if they don’t know that your website exists, neither will a large percentage of the population!

These days, each of these search engines allows simple submissions of websites to their search engines; you can (and you should) try it yourself.

Even if your site has been submitted, it can be worth resubmitting, just to give a little nudge to let search engines know that you’re about and worth them visiting.

Try these links:

Submit to Google

Submit to Yahoo & Bing

2. Get Social. Really Social!

You need to get social and share, share, share.

Traditionally, businesses held a launch, marketed a bit and then hoped and prayed that word of mouth would spread the news about the business.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an effective approach, but the results can be amplified considerably by involving social media.

Social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest continue to be fantastic channels to announce your arrival on the digital stage.

And you don’t need to spend considerable time getting up and running. Use personal accounts to announce your business to friends and engage with witty and useful content.

You’ll see that the visibility of your business increases dramatically as content is spread by your friends, and their friends, and their friends.

3. Stand out with unique, valuable content

At the heart of increasing your visibility in social media is your content. You’ve got to stand out. Really bring something unique to the table with snippets of information or pearls of wisdom that add value to your potential customers.

In social media circles, there’s nothing that spreads as quickly as a piece of content that makes people say WOW!

But it’s not just social media. If you’re really serious about driving traffic to your website then that content is exactly what you should be putting into a blog on your website.

Adding unique content to your website is a sure fire way to attract the attention of search engines that continue to show favoritism to websites that add new content and are updated frequently.

4. Make it easy for people to share

With a great looking website and fresh content that’s added regularly, it’s time to put the marketing into overdrive by involving the rest of the world in your marketing efforts.

Adding in those simple social media share and like buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can open up your website to a new line of prospects.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to be the first person to share something awesome?

If you’ve just put together that next viral big-thing, you want to make it easy for people to share. Really easy.

5. Connect to really make a difference

There are so many online communities filled with people who have a genuine interest in the products and services that you offer. They want to hear from you.

Whilst finding relevant online networks and posting content can bring you visibility, it’s the effort of really connecting with the community, and especially the influential and active people in the community, that will bring traffic in volumes.

Get involved with private niche meet ups and feature great blog articles every couple of weeks to help your members out. Answer questions, comment on posts, and share insights. It’s all part of an effort to show that you’re active, involved, and here to offer value.

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