WooGPL: Free WooCommerce Plugins

Today, the site explorer is in the world of WordPress extensions, with a company called WooGPL.

WooGPL is a relatively new company to the online market, but have an exceptional product offering with their heavily discounted WooTheme items.

What is it all about?

An amazing site for WordPress plugins, extensions & themes is WooThemes.
As one of the industry leaders for WordPress extensions, they’ve become number one for out of the box ecommerce, with WooCommerce.

The only downside to WooCommerce is when you want to make alterations, and require additional functionality, the cost is quite high.

About WooGPL

Luckily for the users out there, there are some great websites out there that offer cheap or even free WooCommerce extensions.
WooGPL have 150+ products to offer at a fraction of the cost, or as part of the club get free downloads.

Visit thier website today: http://woogpl.com.

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