How To Use Animated Video To Stand Out

Online video viewing has increased strongly in recent years. By 2019 it is expected that 80 per cent of all consumer internet traffic will be from video. Additionally, the average Australian spends three hours every month watching online videos.

An animated video (also known as an explainer video) is one which uses animation, screen capture, presentations etc to deliver a message about your brand or demonstrate how a product works.

Many business owners are put off the idea of using animated videos due to the perceived cost, however I’m here to show you how to put together an animated video on the cheap, and use it to boost sales and brand recognition.

Types of explainer videos to use

1) Home-page explainer video

This video appears on the main page of the website and succinctly outlines what products/services the company offers.

For service-based businesses, rather than using your explainer video to explain the benefits of your services, you could instead use it to present a short case study. Studies show that home page explainer videos can increase conversions by up to 300 per cent.

2) Sales pitch video

This can be used on any landing page and is a very direct form of marketing where you ask for a sale by presenting some compelling reasons of why visitors need your product or service. The typical format is to firstly address some conscious or unconscious worry or pain that the consumer has and show how it can be solved, then present your product/service as the solution by showing the impact it would have and how it would improve your customers’ quality of life, and then leave the viewer with a clear to call-to-action e.g. “Buy now”.

3) Promotional video

This isn’t as direct as the sales pitch video. Think of the promotional video as being more like a movie trailer.

It is a teaser which shows some of the best bits, behind the scenes and maybe features humour.

It lets the customer know how they can purchase/find out more but leaves the action in their hands rather than directly commanding the customer to take action. The promotional video is one that is great to share on social media.

4) Video Blogs

The average person retains only 10 per cent of what they hear, but up to 50 per cent of what they see. So utilise that visual power by occasionally doing a video blog post which gives out useful information and advice.

5) A Thank You Video

This one isn’t a video that is focussed on conversions but rather customer engagement. Has your business recently reached a big milestone? Is a major holiday coming up?

You can create a quirky video that lets your audience see your silly, creative side. Many businesses’ thank you videos become viral sensations as audiences really respond to the informal style. All this is great of course for maintaining a positive brand image and increasing customer loyalty.

So, here are some of the top reasons your business needs an explainer video:

1. Explainer videos increase conversion rates, by as much as up to 300 per cent according to some studies.

2. Explainer videos communicate your message more effectively. Consumers typically remember more information from video rather than text. Videos are also less ambiguous than text. With text you can often read between the lines and come away with a different meaning to that which was intended.

3. Show real life customers. Bring reviews and testimonials to life by showing the people behind the reviews on camera. This is a sure-fire way to become a more trusted brand.

4. Increase web traffic. As videos are easy to share across social media you can expect your web traffic to climb.

5. Improved Google search rankings. Google’s algorithms favour sites that use some video content over just images and text.

6. Keeps your website clean and uncluttered. Having an explainer video that outlines a lot of your message means reducing text, flashy animation and colourful fonts. This will create a clearer message for potential customers and will improve the load time of your webpage.

Sites to create explainer videos on the cheap

A short video for your YouTube channel or website could cost several thousand dollars if you outsourced it to a professional video studio. However there are plenty of free and low-cost alternatives which are simple and easy to use.

Here are some websites which can help you produce a self-made cartoon or animated video on the cheap: GoAnimate, Animaker, Powtoon. My favourite is Powtoon which lets you create animated videos in the form of business presentations, explainers and slideshows.


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