Tura Charters: Fishing Charters Gladstone

Today, the site explorer is in the world of fishing charters, with a company called Tura Charters.

Tura Charters is one of the local fishing charters in the Gladstone area.
Being around for over 22 years, they’re strongly known as the go-to fishing charter company amongst the locals.

What is a fishing charter?

Generally a fishing charter is stated as “a trip where a charter or transport operator takes paying passengers to, or across, a site in offshore waters to conduct fishing activities.”

About Tura Charters

Being a part of the Gladstone community for now 22 years, Tura Charters are a locally owned & operated fishing charter company.
Whilst they’re main business focus is on Gladstone fishing charters, they also offer dives & voyages.

Visit their website today: TurraCharters.com.au

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