#startflyingwithpartners Google Marketing

When you think of marketing by Google, you might expect to see advertising for the Search Engine itself or new exploratory areas like Google Play Store, but when I received advertising focused on Google Adwords it’s a clear sign that Google is trying to push their #1 revenue generator, Google Adwords.

Google Adwords has been around for almost 14 years now & it has grown ever since it began, however it’s only been in the last 3 years that the impact of Google Adwords has ramped up for Google, and with the giant amounts of revenue it generates for Google, it’s no wonder they’re pushing it out to partners.

What Was Received?

In an effort to push knowledge of both the latest opportunities of the Google Partner program & to bring new clients for Google Adwords, a box + postcard was sent out to around 300 members of a Google+ community, Google Partners – Downunder.

In the package we each received a reminder that Google Partners Masterclass is coming up soon & to remind us to join up.

Along with it was material to engage clients into advertising with Google Adwords by offering a free $100 voucher (when $25 is spent) for advertising on Google Adwords.

Along with making about the clients getting a discount, the Google Partners also have the opportunity to win prizes if they successfully signup enough dollars to Google Adwords.

And the main show to come with it all was the RC helicopter, fashionably fitting with #startflyingwithpartners.

Why It Works?

It works because there’s two levels of engagement:

The Potential Adwords Advertiser

On the first level you have the actual person looking to advertise on Google Adwords.

By offering the $100 voucher you’re enticing the person who has been searching, but wasn’t quite ready to tip over the edge (now they have their push).

The Adwords Agency

Whilst the agency (or person) behind getting Google Adwords clients is always constantly going after clients, they’re being helped by the provider to bring in further clients to make the agency & Adwords money.

However, with the incentive of prizes, there is a greater chance of agencies to push & get out there to try haul in new Adwords clients.

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