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Geelong Digital Speaking

With so many experts in the digital field provided information, it can be hard to wade through the information to understand what to do. I provide a range of keynotes that are all aimed towards providing the ability for established business owners to go from their current state, and to take it to the next level.


Google – Staying Ahead of the Evolving Beast

Keynote Address: Keeping up with change

Join Luke Chaffey, Kochie’s Digital marketing expert, as he shares some amazing tools, tactics, and techniques he and his team use to drive businesses into the spotlight. This session will take a look at a range of exciting and emerging business technologies, as well as digital marketing trends that are being launched by Google, that even the biggest technophobes will understand.

  • How mobile phones have changed the game
  • The 5 free tools to put in your web armoury
  • Using data to get the phone ringing
  • How Google will evolve

Utilising the Power of Online Reviews

Keynote Address: Controlling Online Reviews

Open your eyes to the world of online reviews. Join Luke Chaffey, Kochie’s Digital Marketing Expert, as he explores the latest developments in online reviews, and how your business can take advantage of the opportunities they’re presenting.

This session will take you through the latest emerging technologies designed to help you best manage online reviews, and will equip you with the ‘best practice’ armoury designed so you can make the most of online reviews – both good, and bad.

  • How online reviews have grown over the years
  • The top 5 tools you need in your customer service armoury
  • Handling negative reviews for positive outcomes
  • The future of online reviews – How you can benefit