Ripples Milsons Point: North Sydney’s Waterfront Restaurant

Today, the site explorer is in the world of restaurants & fine dining, with a company called Ripples Milsons Point.

Ripples Milsons Point have an exquisite waterside restaurant, that look forward to serving the Sydney crowd everyday.

About Ripples Milsons Point

Ripples Milsons Point has been open since 2002, and is the becoming one of the stand-out restaurants of the Sydney Restaurant Group.

Not only do they offer a fine dining experience, but Ripples Milsons Point also have a number of other options including: wedding hire & function hire.
Every so often, Ripples Milsons Point will have special events that generally match up with public holidays.

Being an amazing BYO restaurant Sydney, go find out why they are one of Sydney’s best waterfront restaurants.

Visit their website today:

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