Proven Approach To Improving Search Visibility is a vocabulary that can be used to tag or mark-up data on your website to make it easier for search engines to understand what specific information on your site is all about.

This has been proven to improve search visibility for websites that feature this markup as opposed to domains that don’t.

Despite this, the latest 2014 report on Schema data revealed that only 1 per cent of all websites are using integrations. This seems to be because a large proportion of business owners do not understand it.

4 Basic Schema Mark-ups You Should Implement

If you’re still struggling to understand how to use schema, this section will help you get started:

1. Web Pages

The first step is to use Schema to differentiate the pages on your website for search engines to understand.

For example you can use Schema code to tag your “AboutPage”, “ContactPage” and “ProfilePage”.

2. Images And Videos

It is a fact that web pages that rank higher in search results tend to contain a greater amount of media elements e.g. videos and images, therefore it makes sense to create mark-up for images and videos. features free vocabularies for Image Objects and Video Objects that you can copy and paste and embed into your HTML code.

3. Reviews and Ratings

What if there was a way to get your business’ e-commerce reviews and ratings highlighted in the search engine results page?

With schema you can do this. This is a huge advantage as it makes it possible to stand out in search results even if you are unable to achieve the number one listing in your keyword search.

You can use schema to markup particular products, special offers or ratings.

4. Location

This is probably one of the most important and under-utilised functions of schema mark-up.

Something that SEO has taught us is that it is important to pay attention to standing out in the local business listings for your industry. Schema can help you become visible in local search queries by marking up the location of your business.

It can also enable your postal address or telephone number to be shown in search engine results, negating the need for searchers to navigate through your website to find it.

It’s early days for schema yet, but early results tend to indicate that Schema can positively influence both SEO, site visibility and click-through rates.

As search becomes increasingly complex, making the small Schema improvements to help Google, Yahoo and Bing understand what pages and information fall under has the potential to give a big payback particularly if you an early adopter of this code.


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