McHenry Partners: Geelong Accountants

Today, the site explorer is in the world of accountants, with a company called McHenry Partners.

McHenry Partners have a well trained team of accountants, that are here to serve a wide variety of accounting & business services.

What does an accountant do?

“As an accountant, you will need to be great at working with numbers, reconciling conflicting reports, and paying close attention to detail.”

About McHenry Partners

McHenry Partners is one of the premier accountant firms based in both Geelong & Melbourne, and headed by the partners, Stephen McHenry, Callan Shakespeare, Darren Minett & Sam Adigrati.

They offer a wide range of services including: taxation accounting, benchmarking, business coaching, insurances, and financial planning to name a few.

Being centralised accountants Geelong CBD gives them the flexibility for clients to come in & out with ease.

Visit their website today:

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