Make Online Video Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

With 45 per cent of the online market watching online videos, and one minute of video content equalling the impact of 1.8 million words (a whopping 3600 typical webpages) according to latest research, video has never been a more important piece of marketing strategy than it is now.

The same experts are even predicting that online video viewed from smartphones, is the new TV for millennials.

Smartphone users watch, talk about, and share ads and content from retailers more than TV viewers or desktop users.

They also view video content on smartphones as a more intimate experience, developing a personal connection with brands at two times the rate of TV viewers.

The psychology of videos

Why do consumers respond to video content so powerfully? Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., consultant to brands such as Disney, Amazon and Walmart, explains that there are four reasons why humans love video:

  1. Our brains are wired to respond to faces – we tend to trust faces as a believable source of information
  2. Voice helps us understand content more readily
  3. Emotions appeal to our senses
  4. Movement causes us to pay attention – from primal stone-age times we have had to be alert to movement as a potential sign of danger

These four factors are all things we cannot get from reading, and can only partially get from audio content.

Videos as website freebies

One simple way you can leverage the appeal of videos is through free video content on your website, or a free video training series as an email opt-in series.

Many websites give away free content in exchange for capturing email addresses. A survey conducted by marketing automation company Eloqua found that over 90 per cent of prospective customers prefer videos to white papers, case studies, webinars, free trials, toolkits and ebooks.

Video the future of content marketing

According to Cisco, by 2017, 69 per cent of all internet traffic will be video-watching. Companies that fail to adapt to the demands of the audience will be left behind. Consider these other startling statistics:

  • 100 million internet users watch online video every day
  • 90 per cent of online shoppers state that they find online video of products helps them make their shopping and purchasing decisions
  • Of the 80 per cent of internet users who watched video advertisements on company websites in the past month, 46 per cent of them took action as a result of viewing the ad, including visiting the company in person, visiting the company’s website, searching for more information online about the subject of the ad, or 12 per cent even purchasing the product.

Free video tools

Creating videos doesn’t have to be hard work. Video content is not only possible for small businesses but important.

Apps such as Vine allow users to create videos with a six-second maximum length, without needing to be a technical whizz, or invest in huge production costs.

If you think six seconds isn’t long enough to communicate anything important, consider that according to research by Visible Measures, 20 per cent of viewers will navigate away from your video within the first ten seconds, while a third will disappear by the 30 second mark.

You can of course create longer videos but always bear in mind that you need to grab viewers’ attention early on.Other video tools that allow you to create innovative videos quickly and easily, include:

1. Animoto

This app lets you use Hollywood-quality backgrounds, drop in images and music from your own library, for great looking videos ready for use.

2. Screencast

Screencast allows you to create videos using screenshots and adding voice-overs. This app is most suitable for those creating tutorial or demonstration videos.

Video marketing increases both leads and sales with businesses that incorporate video content into their marketing enjoying greater engagement, click-through rates and conversions. If you haven’t jumped onto this wagon yet then you’re most likely losing customers to competitors and leaving money on the table.


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