KBB Coaching: Small Business Mentors

Today, the site explorer is in the world of small business mentoring & coaching; with a company called KBB Coaching.

KBB Coaching is a company with a team of 11 (at time of publish) coaching experts.

But what do small business mentors do?

Small business mentors are generally “an expert(s) on setting & achieving goals for small-medium size businesses. They will also help talk through strategies, and best steps for implementation.”.

About KBB Coaching

KBB Coaching is an issues based small business coaching program; this means rather than general or motivational business coaching, we want to help you address a specific issue or issues in your business.

With a barrage of experts ranging from marketing experts to retail experts.
You won’t find a more unique, specialised, professional & affordable small business mentoring service anywhere in Australia.

Visit their website today: http://www.kbbcoaching.com.au/

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