What Happened To My Google Authorship?

Google Authorship isn’t all that new in Google, but it can be a big factor now days.

Previously if you had Google Authorship running for your blog articles or running for you website, your face (Google+ profile picture) would come up against the listing & you’d stand out against all the normal organic listings.

Recently there has been a change to Google Authorship and it no longer is displayed in Google results every time.

 A new “second class” authorship tag

Whilst some authors were unaffected by the change, many authors had a reduction in their authorship results & rather than showing an image with by Luke Chaffey attached to the listing, just the by Luke Chaffey line was displayed.

Previously we’d see the byline-only results only when the author already had an organic listing with their profile image.

However, now it appears there’s a second class of Authorship that will show them as an Authorship result, but without the impact of a face photo.

Did you make the cut?

The appearance of Authorships was not the only result from the December change.

There were mass reductions that were worked out on an author by author basis, they were all over the map.

Authors reported many of the following:

No change at all: The author appeared to be getting about the same Authorship results she was before December.

Mixed change by site: The author lost (or went down to “second class”) Authorship snippets for some sites on which he publishes, but not others

Mixed change by content: The author lost (or went down to “second class”) Authorship for some pages of her site, but not others.

Mixed by authors within a site: Some authors on a site still show Authorship snippets in search for their content on that site, but others do not.

Total loss: The author lost all authorship snippets for all of his content on any site where he publishes.

And just to make it more confusing, there are authors who experience mixes of the above categories!

So What Were The Main Factors?

Whilst there are many theories as to why there were changes & reasons to the loss, but the 3 main ones that seem to be major contributors are:

  1. Author Reputation
  2. Content Quality
  3. Site Reputation

What Can You Do To Recover?

Whilst there is no simple button to recover from this change, there are four tips you should think about:

  1. Publish on high quality, trusted websites
  2. Create quality work over quantity
  3. Be careful where you’re Authorship is connected to
  4. Build & maintain your social networks

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