Google’s User Friendly Rebranding

Google’s website administration tool, previously known as Webmaster Tools, has now changed its name to Google Search Console.

According to Google the reason behind the change is to make it more inclusive. After all it’s not just IT professionals such as programmers and webmasters who need to use some of the search functionalities.

App developers, marketers, hobbyists and even small business owners, like mums with small blogs selling jewellery, also benefit from gaining insight into the management and usability of their website.

Google’s product manager, Michael Fink, revealed Google is “updating branding across the product over the coming weeks” so our advice is to stay tuned.

In the meantime the URL remains the same but Google have also released a short URL for Search Console which is:

Two new features

Already two new features have reportedly been added to Search Console, according to Search Engine Land. These two new features centre on app indexing.

One is a Search Analytics Reporting Tool for your Android apps; the second is called “Fetch” and shows how “Google sees the content within your Android app”.

More new tools and functions are expected to be released to keep up with the demand of the modern-day user base and mobile website optimisation.

At the end of the day, Google Search Console remains the same as it was under the name of “Webmaster Tools”. It is a place for users of all types to “diagnose and improve the visibility of content in search” says Google.

What remains to be seen is whether the other main search engines such as Bing will follow Google’s lead and rebrand their Tools in a boost to be seen as more relevant to the myriad of users who use them.


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