Duplicate Content Checking

Writing unique content is key for trying to rank in Google these days, and ensuring your content is protected can be quite dificult.

However, there are now a number of services to help you guide through this process.
The #1 outstanding provider & longest running is CopyScape.

Simply enter your website & CopyScape will take your content & check if there are websites throughout the web with similar content blocks & return the percentage in which the content is the same.

With it’s simple to use interface & the cheap premium service makes it hard to pass up using this service.


I’d recommend going with their premium service to be able to check all your content.
Run through it monthly to ensure that you have no issues.

Alternatively, you could use their more expensive service called CopySentry to bypass manually checking content online.
This more expensive service will automatically scan the web for duplicate content, allowing you to save time.

Check out CopyScape’s website today at: http://copyscape.com/.

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