CSG Refrigeration Services: Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Today, the site explorer is in the world of commercial refrigeration, with a company called CSG Refrigeration Services.

CSG Refrigeration Services have a team of fully qualified refrigeration mechanics, that are here to serve a wide variety of commercial refrigeration services.

What does a refrigeration mechanic do?

“Refrigeration mechanics assemble, install, service and repair industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration systems in homes, shops, factories, office buildings and hospitals.”

AboutĀ CSG Refrigeration Services

CSG Refrigeration Services is a smaller team, with 4 employees with a wide variety of knowledge & skills.

The business covers both commercial refrigeration services & commercial air-conditioning services.

The http://www.csgrefrigeration.com.au/ website is much more focused on the commercial refrigeration services like: installing, servicing, repairing & maintaining.

Whereas the http://commercialairconditioninggoldcoast.com.au/ website focus solely on the commercial air conditioning services.

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