Authorship vs. Publisher Tags: Which To Use?

There’s been considerable confusion around the Google+ authorship and publisher tags recently, which are added to a website’s HTML in order to connect websites with personal/company Google+ profiles.

These tags are used to maximise the impact of your online presence, and are extremely valuable for online business promotion, however only if they are used correctly.

Let me show you the intended uses for both tags, the advantages of each, and how you can add these tags to your website.

What is the authorship tag and when should I use it?

The authorship tag, Rel=Author, was developed in order to link content such as articles and blog posts written by a person to their own individual Google+ profile.

This tag places the author’s name next to the article on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), and provides a link to allow readers to find more content by the same author.

This tag should only be used for writers’ personal Google + accounts to connect written content to their profiles.

What is the publisher tag and when should I use it?

The publisher tag, Rel=Publisher, is a way to form a certified connection between a company’s website and their Google+ company profile. This verifies the company’s Google+ page, which ratifies their brand identity.

The fact that it is named a ‘Publisher’ tag is misleading, as it has led people to believe that it is only to be used for publishing-oriented websites; when it actually can be used by any business with a Google+ profile.

This should be used when you want to link an entire company website to your company’s Google+ page.

How to add the authorship tag to my site

On your Google+ page, click ‘Edit Profile’ and add your website to the ‘Contributor To’ section.

Add the following tag substituting the bold areas with your own details in the HTML of your website:

< a href = “your Google+ URL?rel=author ” > your name < /a>

How to add the publisher tag to my site

On your company’s Google+ page, click ‘Edit Profile’, and under the ‘Website’ section add a link to your site.

Add the following tag with your company’s details in the bold area in the HTML of your website:

< link href= ” your company’s Google+ URL ” rel= ” publisher “/>.

How easy is that?

As you can see now, there is a distinct difference between Authorship and Publisher tags. The basic rule of thumb to follow is if you’re wanting to link content with your company as a whole, not a specific individual, stick with Publisher tags.

I look forward to hearing how you get on with adding with your tags, and how it affects your business’ brand identity and exposure.


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