9 Social Media Tips & Tricks for Small Business

Are you making the most out of your social media channels? The following list is a combination of methods that are worth repeating, as well as new social media marketing tactics that are still catching on.

Try incorporating these and see how you can better promote your brand on social media platforms.

1. Post consistently

Frequency of content is key. You should try to post once daily so that users come to expect your posts. You can always increase this down the line but when starting out just make a plan to be consistent.

2. Research your audience

Do your research! All the posting in the world won’t make a difference if you’re posting on the wrong social media for your target audience and at times when they’re not active.

There are many free tools, plus blog posts I’ve written that explain this concept in more depth.

3. Don’t be aggressive

Yes, we know you’re in business to make sales. However, companies that do well on social media tend to be less overt about their marketing. They aim to inspire and educate rather than push for the hard sell.

4. Provide top quality content

The market is hungry for top quality content so give your audience what they want. Make sure every piece is authentic and real and still conveys your brand message clearly.

5. Host social media events

Hosting online events is a great way to build a strong community. Events can be a simple one-hour webinar or a week-long social media party. Discover new businesses, get more fans and increase your page views. Be sure to include a hashtag and promote your event in advance.

6. Use Images to boost generic status updates

Rather than simply posting status updates of a few sentences, consider changing things up occasionally by using free online image tools like Canva to create a colourful fun image board with your text on it.

7. Form connections with influencers

A great way to build relationships with influencers is to share bits of their content with your audience that you like and appreciate without expecting anything in return.

It seems counterintuitive but it is one of the best way to get noticed and build rapport before requesting their help in the future.

8. Send a monthly email to your LinkedIn connections

We tend to connect with people but then not nourish the relationships once we have them. You can change that by sending out a monthly email to your LinkedIn contents sharing with them a piece of your content relevant to your industry. Give value and you will be surprised by the leads and sales you can generate down the line.

9. Use Google Analytics to track social media metrics

The only way to know whether any of the above tips and tricks are making a difference is to track the results. Use Google Analytics custom UTM parameters and track social media channels, different types of content and particular campaigns.

Simply add the links and the results will show up in your Analytics account alongside all your other web reporting. Easy peasy!

Source: https://au.smallbusiness.yahoo.com/a/-/30063915/nine-ways-to-improve-your-social-media-performance/

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