6 Strategies To Save Time & Add Value

Time is possibly the most valuable commodity in the Western world.

Every single detail that takes up time tests an users’ tolerance and may result in them navigating away from your site. This affects conversions and ultimately your bottom line as a business. This is why you need to ensure your website helps save users’ time.

1. Make Site Information Easily Accessible

Browsing your website should be an intuitive experience for users, and information should be organised logically.

A good website should have a search bar, and include links to related or popular articles or products at the bottom of pages. Navigational pages should be pinned to your main navigation menu so people can easily find them.

2. Break up Text to Improve Readability

Content should be spaced out as much as possible and broken up by other media elements such as graphics and videos. Keep your text as short as possible, and if you have a lot of text utilise headings, subheadings, bulleted and numbered lists, and short paragraphs to keep readers engaged.

3. Allow Guest Access or Guest Checkout

Ecommerce websites should offer the option of guest checkout, or at least signing in with social accounts for users that are reluctant to share their email. You can always tempt customers to login for faster checkout, but try not to make it compulsory.

4. Extend Your Session Expiry Times

Websites with heavy usage often have session expiry time limits to kill dead user sessions and free up space and time for active users. The only problem is that sometimes these time limits are quite short and users can get logged off and shown an error screen prematurely, right in the middle of something.

Either offer longer session times for users, or have a pop-up appear that asks users whether they wish to remain logged in.

5. Keep Sign-Up Forms Short

Always keep website sign up forms short, and only include information that is relevant. As well as saving user’s time this also builds trust as society as a whole becomes increasingly security conscious regarding personal data.

6. Improve Your Site Speed

Slow load times are one of the biggest mistakes you can make, and will instantly lose you customers. Research shows that your main page should load within 3 seconds, and any internal pages within 4 seconds, or else users are more inclined to abandon the page.

If you’re not willing to invest in improving your users’ website experience you can hardly expect them to become a lead or sale. Take care of your customers and you will earn their business.

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