10 Instagram Tips for Small Business

Marketing to a youthful audience? Do you know that 90 per cent of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35? Instagram also has 15 times the engagement of Facebook, and 58 per cent of users interact daily (compared to only 23 per cent of Pinterest users).

So here’s how to create as lasting connection between you and your Instagram followers.

1. Show your brand personality

Share real life moments that capture the people behind the brand, your sense of humour and vulnerability. People want to know that you’re human too, and this is especially important for small businesses.

2. Display beauty

Instagram is all about visual beauty, and visual beauty is what sells. So whether you’re selling cars or wedding dresses take lots of beautiful photos to get people drooling. It’s basically a never ending advert for your products.

3. Tag others and repost content

Drive awareness of your business and encourage camaraderie by reposting others content and tagging people in your posts. Instagram is built on community is this is a simple hack to gain community traction.

4. Use images rather than text

Instagram is about images not text. Don’t try to post photos of lots of text giving factual information. Your photos should be real actual photos.

5. Reply to comments

Instagram is emotion based and people will often want to comment on the photos you post to share their reactions. Make communication back a top priority and people will not just follow you but interact with you.

6. Hold competitions

Brands such as Audi and Red Bull have leveraged Instagram to create special Instagram contests where followers can enter by posting a particular type of photo and using a special hashtag.

7. Avoid stock photos

While stock photos might be pretty, they do not really gel with what Instagram users are looking for. Instagram is about taking people on a journey on what happens in real life, so photos should be behind-the-scenes reveals or content that they couldn’t get elsewhere.

8. Give DIY tutorials

Got a novel idea for how a customer could use your product? Take a photo of it being used in action or even create a set a DIY photo tutorials.

9. Use #hashtags

Eighty per cent of Instagram images will contain between 1-3 hashtags. Find out what hashtags are trendy. Currently the top five Instagram hashtags are #love, #instagood, #me, #tbt (aka Throwback Thursday – resharing something that you have previously shared) and #cute. Only use the hashtag if you are genuinely sharing something that fits that theme.

10. Pay to be promoted

This last point is a bit more controversial, but is an option to consider. Paid advertising does not tend to go down well on Instagram as McDonald’s found out recently with a massive backlash to their paid ads.

However there is another way to “advertise” on Instagram and that is to consider paying prolific Instagram users, who have thousands of followers relevant to your niche, a fee to share or review your products.

If you don’t have the budget for this, you might also be able to exchange products or experiences with Instagram users who also have a large following but are less well-known. Simply approach someone and ask if they would be interested.

Have fun and experiment with the above suggestions. As always remember to track analytics so you know what is working and what isn’t. And consider trying out posting at different times to see when people are most active.

Source: https://au.smallbusiness.yahoo.com/a/-/29808406/10-tips-for-using-instagram-for-business/

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