10 Email Newsletter Content Ideas

Here are 10 fun ideas that will help build relationships with customers, inform your readers, encourage repeat purchases, and make sure those emails are opened and not deleted.

Event Promotions

If you have a local event coming up, what better way to let your customers know than through your newsletter? Best of all you can encourage your customers to forward the newsletter with event details onto family and friends who might be interested.

Weekly/Monthly Deals

Customers love deals and bargains, so don’t hide them! Instead dedicate an entire newsletter to them.

Sometimes companies send out newsletters with lots of information and tips and sneak in a few deals at the end, but this just results in the deals being overlooked and crowded out by other info.

Make sure you have a catchy email subject line to highlight your deals, include images of products in your newsletter and highlight the fact that your deals only last for a short period of time to create a sense of urgency.

Survey/Feedback Request

Want to gain some customer reviews, or find out what your customers think of you? Send them an email newsletter survey, or write to them and ask them for their opinions.

You might take the time to thank them for their participation by offering a special deal, but this isn’t absolutely necessary. Lots of customers will be happy to tell you what they think without any special incentive.

Round-up of Latest Blog Posts

Not all your customers will choose to read your blog on a regular basis but they would likely be interested in a monthly or fortnightly digest email which is a round-up of your most popular posts during that time period.

If you can, don’t put the full blog posts in the email but encourage them to click on a link which takes them to your blog directly.

Social Media Updates

Newsletters don’t have to be dull and boring. Inject your newsletters with fun by sending out an edition that focuses solely on social media updates. Post some of your hilarious tweets, Instagram pics and Pinterest pins and Youtube videos.

Exclusive Newsletter Coupons and Discounts

In this day and age where spam and sleazy marketing is rampant, it is a sign of immense trust when a customer volunteers to give you their email address.

So as a sign of respect, it can be great to send out a thank you email to let them know that you appreciate them giving you access to your inbox.

A good way to show you mean it is to offer an exclusive one-time newsletter coupon or discount that customers cannot get anywhere else. If you experience a drop in sales during your off season that might be the perfect time to send that.

You will keep your customers happy and hopefully boost sales at the same time.

Reviews of Happy Clients

If you get one particularly long glowing review of your company you might chose to send that review out as the sole feature in a complete newsletter.

Alternatively if you are an online retailer than has a platform where customers can review particular products you might send out a newsletter with your top reviewed products, including pictures, descriptions and prices of your products alongside customer reviews.

This will help customers feel more confident purchasing from you, and encourage shopping.

New Release Product Announcements

Launching a new product? Let your fan base know well in advance. You can inform them of this in several newsletters. In one you might share a behind the scenes glimpse at the manufacturing process, in another you might share a teaser trailer.

You can also create a sense of buzz or hype by having a countdown to launch date e.g. 1 month to go! 10 days to go! Don’t forget to include an option in your newsletter for customers to pre-order the product.

Facts and Tips

Not all your newsletters should be trying to sell something. It’s important to balance sales emails with soft calls to action and educational features.

Facts and tips are a great way to show you care about your audience and want to help solve their problems. If you’re a natural health food store you might have a newsletter focussed around ‘10 Surprising Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar’ or ‘5 Delicious Recipes Using Cacao Nibs’.

Industry News and Trends

By writing about industry news and trends, it communicates your authority in your industry to your customer base. They want to know that you are up-to-date and knowledgeable about the services you provide and any economic, legal or social current events and views that impact your industry.

You can also use this opportunity to dispel myths or rumours that are current in the media and set the record straight.

Try and set up a regular publishing schedule for your newsletter so people know when to expect it. Avoid overcrowding in your newsletter and make sure every newsletter contains a clear call-to-action. Encourage your readers to share your content with friends and family who may be interested.

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